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Jan 29, 2018

Cartoon Network or Disney Channel? Razr or Sidekick? Johnny vs every other intern? These are just some of the topics we discuss on this episode as we dive into some of the cultural nuances that we all weirdly relate to but fiercely debate. Also, what are your thoughts on workout couples? 

Dec 26, 2017

Just in case you wanted some more :). 

Dec 26, 2017

When is something overhyped? On this episode we discuss when something becomes overhyped, the subjectivity of the word hype, and how social media can affect our view of what's being put on the map. Kraken explains kneeing in hopscotch, Zeke admits Bodak Yellow is his anthem, and El Presidente still doesn't know how he...

Nov 27, 2017

Thanks so much to our homie TakuBeats for coming on and giving us some insight into his creative inspirations and numerous endeavors. We talk about how he started getting into music, his photography, his last album, why Sony pays him in Korean food, if he was cloned by the government, and what his guilty pleasures...

Oct 16, 2017

NBA season opens tonight so we decided to release an episode we recorded when the Kyrie Irving trade first broke. We discuss whether its a sucker move for an NBA player to decide to join forces with other NBA players to make super teams. Is it better for a player to be the best player on a team but never win...